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Addiction What Help Is Available?


The act or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.Dealing with addiction of any kind can seem like a never ending battle. Anyone who has ever experienced addiction will understand the feeling of helplessness and having no control over anything they do. The term ‘addiction’ comes in many forms and covers a variant of things. When we think about addictions we automatically assume drugs or alcohol but in truth you can be addicted to almost anything. Not only can you be addicted to substances but to activities also (e.g. sleeping, eating, gambling, exercise).  There is both mental and physical aspects of addiction that need to be treated in order for you to recover successfully.

We take a closer look at what addiction treatments are available and how they benefit people suffering from substance dependency or behavioural compulsions.


It may sound like a cliché but before receiving any help to get over your addiction the first step is to acknowledge you have a problem. Without admitting to yourself and others you need help any treatments will be futile. You have to want to change and get over your problem but that all starts with you and your attitude to your addiction.

Your physician will offer you various treatments depending on the severity of your addiction and whether it is behavioural, substance based or alcohol. Once they have established the best treatment to move forward with you may be offered some form of medication combined with psychotherapy. The psychotherapy sessions might be one to ones or include your family should they feel it beneficial. Sessions like this may not necessarily cure your addiction but it will get to the root of the problem and help change the way you view your addiction.

Group sessions and self-help groups are another good way of talking about your addiction with other people going through the exact same thing as you. It can really help you just knowing that your situation is no different from dozens of others. Many groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) organize weekly meetings and social groups which many sufferers have said ‘gave them light at the end of the tunnel’.

If you have tried all the outpatient treatments available and they haven’t helped ease your addictive behaviour then your physician will recommend you go into a residential facility, most commonly referred to as rehab. This involves living in a rehabilitation for a certain period of time while you enter a detox program to help get over your addictive tendencies. The intensive detox will put you into withdrawal due to the cessation of your addiction whether it is drugs or alcohol. You will receive much care and support from health professionals to ensure your withdrawal is as safe and as comfortable for you as possible. They will encourage you to talk about your addiction and will help you to find other interests and hobbies to keep your mind off what you crave most. A rehab centre is the best option for anyone who has tried every treatment and failed to change their perpetual habits. On many occasions going to rehab is necessary for health reasons or if the addiction begins to endanger the life of the sufferer or others around them.

Deciding to ask for help to get over an addiction is never an easy thing to do, It takes courage and conviction. The good news is that once you do ask for help you are one giant step closer to beating it once and for all.

3 Natural Remedies For Ringworms

The skin is the largest organ of our body. It covers our whole muscular system, and it comes in different colors: fair, black or brown. Though we all know that our skin comes in different colors and types, we still cannot shield our skin from infections, diseases, bacteria and viruses that surround us.


One of these common diseases is ringworms. But, what do we know about this disease? Ringworm scientifically known as Dermatophytosis is a fungal disease that affects the scalp, skin and nails. And children has this most skin condition. So, before having it checked by a doctor, go with some natural remedies for ringworm after checking this list.


Top 3 Ringworm Treatment for Humans

  1. Garlic

One of the home remedies for ringworms is Garlic. Why? Garlic is one of the wonder foods here in the world. It is known to be a natural medicine for some health concerns such as reducing blood pressure, common colds, lowers blood cholesterol and many more. But we did not know that garlic can also be one of the home remedies for ringworm.  Garlic has compounds such as ajoene and allicin which has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that fight and kills skin infections like ringworm.

To use the garlic on how to treat ringworm, follow the instructions:

  • For best results, use fresh garlic cloves to make a paste by crushing or mincing it.
  • Then, apply the paste to the affected area of the skin.
  • If you want, you can add an olive oil to the paste for consistency.
  • Once the paste is already placed on the affected area, cover it using a medical tape or gauze and leave it for 1-2 hours.
  • If you want to achieve the best results, repeat the process 2-3 times a day for the entire two weeks.
  1. Tea Tree Oil

Aside from being a cure for nail fungus, using tea tree oil is also one way on how to treat ringworm on your skin. The tea tree oil has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that can cure different types of skin diseases and infections. This oil is broadly used by many because it effectively cures fungal infections and decreases the chances of having a skin infection again.

If you want to use tea tree oil as one of the home remedies for ringworms; first, dip a cotton ball in a bottle of tea tree oil and let it soak. After that, tightly squeeze the excess oils in the cotton ball. Then, apply the cotton ball into the infected skin and redo the process 3 times every day.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is not just a good juice but it is also a good cure for skin diseases because of its antibiotic properties when applied to various skin infections such as ringworms. If you suffer from this skin disease, apply a fresh turmeric juice into the infected area with the use of a juice extractor. Continue to repeat the process until the infection is gone.

An Introduction To Psychodynamic Therapy


Psychodynamic therapy evolved as a process of interpreting the mental and emotional shifts of human mind from the traditional subject of psychoanalysis. Apart from the root subject, the therapy is also in line with the self psychology, object relations and ego psychology. It is a great alternative to psychoanalysis, according to Toronto therapists, as the process is much simplified and the results are quick. This would enhance the possibilities of bettering people’s lives in quick succession.

getty_rm_photo_of_therapist_talking_over_paper_with_woman.jpg (493×335)


The main aim of psychodynamic therapy is to help people to understand the fluctuations in their emotions & thoughts, affects of the past experiences & beliefs, which provides great insight about the present problems. By identifying such problems the therapists in Toronto effectively heal patients through a thorough evaluation of the issues. The identification of the problems is done

The patterns of fluctuations are clearly enumerated by the therapist so that the patient can come to senses about the wrongful patterns that he/she has been following over the years. The patterns of ebb and flow help to identify the things which make the patient live happily and by following such things, the patient can live without any worries.

Therapeutic relationship is given great emphasis in psychodynamic therapy as the transference of feelings would ensure faster results. For instance, if a therapist in Toronto is in a session with a patient who transfers the thoughts to the therapist as if (imagining) the therapist is his Father-  this would help the patient to spill out all the emotional aspects during his childhood.

The point of view of the therapist as a Father would change everything, as the therapist is experienced in dealing with such cases. This would result in providing excellent suggestions for the patient. The suggestions would develop the interpersonal skills of the patient, which makes sure that after the treatment there would be no problem in communicating with others or expressing the need without having any reluctance.

How the unconscious in accessed?

A human being feels a lot of emotions and feelings in his life time and some influences are suppressed in the unconscious coming out only in times of distress to suppress the individual more. The defense mechanisms such as repression, denial, rationalization, etc. would keep some of the most painful memories, experiences and feelings. Toronto therapists are professionals in making the patients to speak out such painful emotions freely and they use the mildest of dialogues to bring out the catharsis.

Consequently, the individual will talk about the inner desired, fears and emotions, which will lead to producing the most inner feelings. As the psychodynamic therapy believes that the behavior of an individual is based on the unconscious thoughts the output given by the patient becomes the basis for treatment. The therapist writes down or records the monologue and acts accordingly in the future sessions.


As psychodynamic therapy deals with the innermost demons of an individual, it is considered as one of the most effective ways to purge the mind from malicious or erroneous thoughts. Any professional therapist in Toronto is able to deal with the problems of the mind and help people to get out of their mental illnesses.

Can Leaky Gut Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes

Before we start in-depth analysis of this topic let us take an overview of lymphatic system. Lymphatic system in Wikipedia is described as “The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and a vital part of the immune system, comprising a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph directionally towards the heart”.

What is the purpose of having a lymphatic system within our body? It helps in filtering all the harmful and unnecessary elements floating in our blood stream and prevents us from various diseases that may be an aftermath incase our immune system fail to perform.

We might haven’t felt swelling and tenderness in the lymph nodes or are not sure enough. But Lymphadenopathy is a condition which can be can be caused by different systemic medical conditions, and certain diseases. Before we begin to think that we are under such a critical situation it’s first to opt for a medical check up to make sure if any such problem exists.Causes of leaky gut can vary and some of them are described below.

Some usual causes

Viral infection is one key factor that causes lymphadenopathy. HIV/AIDS and infectious mononucleosis are usually considered of such types. HIV Is the same name given for the virus while infectious mononucleosis is the virus known as the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV for short).

Another possible triggering factor is nevertheless Bacteria infection. Another potential item in this category is cat-scratch disease under which bacterium Bartonella is the cause of illness. Often common in children around 1-2 week normally from a cat bite.

Lymphadenopathy is also lead by Tumors and cancers. An information referred to such tumors and cancers states about hairy cell leukemia, both Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and neuroblastoma. Leukemia is cancer of the blood or bone marrow. Lymphomathy begins in the lymphocytes (part of the body’s immune system). Neuroblastoma is a kind of cancer from a neuroendocrine tumor.

Parasitic infections, such as toxoplasmosis and human African trypanosomiasis can also lead to lymphadenopathy

Conclusion stating Leaky Gut phenomenon

As we have stated above factors pertaining to causing swollen lymph nodes these same are the reasons that usually causes of leaky gut disease and what outcomes are related to this disease are also somewhat similar what we have stated in the above paragraphs. Such as when we start to refer it with the certain bacteria and Viruses leading to leaky gut causes.

Missing Tooth Replacement: Dental Implants And Dentures

Our dental problems are always linked with the illness of whole body like heart disease and diabetes. Tooth cleaning (deep scaling) is a common process all over the world, also known as the removing plaques. Plaque can build in the tooth deeply and outside the gum line.

Tooth replacement

Many of an individual loss their tooth due to injury or oral disease like gum disease or cavities. When a teeth is missing it can create many speaking problem as well as eating problem. A missing tooth can also reduce the self-esteem in an individual. But nowadays an individual can maintain a dental health by tooth replacement which includes dentures and dental implants. In developed countries people can afford a tooth replacement easily and new technologies are also available. A person living in New York has a great advantage because in New York, Brooklyn is famous for best oral surgeries.

  • Dental implants.

Periodontist insert an artificial tooth into an individual’s jaw to replace the missing tooth. After dental implants, a crown will be attached to give an individual a natural appearance. If an individual is missing two or many teeth, then dental implant can be used to connect with bridges to make tooth replacement more secure. Dental implants in Sheepshead Bay are famous because it is more secure than the dentures.

People with good health and over all conditions can get dental implant because for dental implant an individual gum tissues should be strong, free from disease and healthy therefore dentures is a better choice in some cases.

  • Dentures

Dentures are the false tooth. There are two types of teeth

  • Complete dentures

Complete dentures are used when an individual is having no teeth. Denture covers an individual lower and upper jaw

  • Over dentures

Over dentures are removable dentures and is used when an individual having some teeth.

Important Minerals for teeth

An individual can lead a healthy life by some changes in diet and lifestyle. Flossing teeth alternate days and brush teeth regularly is essential, but considering oral health while eating is also vital, as we all know a healthy diet can lead to healthy body. So whatever an individual eats, it is directly or indirectly related to oral health of an individual because eating affects gum and teeth, both.

Minerals like calcium and vitamin C plays a vital role in making tooth stronger.

  • Intake of vitamin C

Vitamins C are vital for skin because it is responsible for holding cells all together therefore vitamin C is also important for health gum tissue. People who consume more than 180mg or more per day of vitamin C are less likely to have gum diseases than others

  • Intake of calcium every day

An individual’s tooth is made up of 99% of calcium. Calcium is available in food like milk, yogurts and cheese.1000 mg calcium is recommended for a woman younger than 50 years and 1200 mg for above

Author’s Bio:

Stefan is a student of dentistry and an assistant of Dr. Umanoff DDS Dentist in Sheepshead Bay.

Treating Flea Bites On Dogs- What You Need To Know

Dogs love to adventure in as many places as they can in a day. When they return back to their sleeping areas, you may realize that they have started scratching their skin so hard causing them enough discomfort. If you look closely, you may realize one red spot on the skin. This will automatically tell you that your dog has had flea bites, and that it is time to look for the remedy on the skin.

One of the flea bites pictures on a dog

Fleas love sucking blood from cats and dogs. They do not only do this, but they also live under the dog’s lovely hair because it is a warm place- the pests love living in warm areas.  The ugly thing is that these pests breed very quickly, and your dog may suffer enough bites on a daily basis.

You should always determine to prevent flea infestation by cleaning up the pet with some available pesticides in the stores. Further, you should spray the sleeping areas with the pesticides that are readily available in the market.  Some of them will work within a very short time by paralyzing the nervous systems of the pest.

There are some pesticides that are manufactured to prevent the flea eggs from hatching. These ones are very efficient in that you will have prevented the potential dog flea bites. Some dogs, due to their sensitive skin may not be very comfortable with liquid medicine. As such, you should look for oral pills to treat the bites.

Occasionally, you should take your dog for flea dip. This is given by service providers who are specialized in offering grooming. You can also do it at home if you have the required washing chemicals and detergents.

Many times, you may be required to buy flea collars for your dog. These collars are treated with chemicals that are deterrent to fleas, so that no matter where your pet goes, there will be less chances of bringing fleas into your compound. The collars are available in different sizes depending on the size of your pet.

It is essential that you call a veterinary to check your dog, even if there is no cause for alarm. It is in this process that flea bites are identified and treated. You should also check your dog’s skins regularly and find out if there is anything abnormal about the skin.

You must completely eliminate fleas from your home if you would wish to have your dog remain healthy for a long time.  This means that cleaning up and treating your compound with pesticides should not only be focused on the dog, but also done to avoid flea bites on humans or cat flea bites.

You must always act in a hurry, once you realize that your dog is flea infested. This is because a dog will keep scratching the bite zone, and this will cause secondary infections. Further, if the condition is left unattended, your pet may get anemia due to the amount of blood sucked from it.

Hair Loss Supplements – One Great Approach To Prevent Hair Loss

For people who have been experiencing thinning of hair, the question is probably to the forefront of their minds “What needs to be done to prevent hair loss and what products you can depend on to stop hair loss?”. Of course, you are not the only one with this thought. There are millions of people worldwide who are experiencing the same issue. Have some hope! There are 3 imperative ways that can help you prevent hair loss. For this, you need to make some changes to your diet intake, using products just as special shampoos that are designed to prevent hair fall and then you need to take some good hair loss supplements.

Make Some Changes To Your Diet Plan

For every single thing that goes wrong in our body, there is an effective approach to overcome it with natural and usual remedies. We eat food and this is how we can make things work for us. We can intake food items that are rich in minerals and vitamins. To overcome hair loss, it is vital that you add in some vitamins to your diet plan that contains biotin and folic acid. Vitamin A, B6, C and E can also be useful. Having accurate vitamins can prevent hair loss to a great extent.

Using Shampoos To Prevent Hair Loss

The use of particular shampoos can really help you prevent hair loss. Scientists have been studying a lot about how to prevent hair fall and thinning of hair and eventually have come up with shampoo formulas on respective findings. Such shampoos have several times helped people grow new hair and also keeping their existing hair perfectly fine. These shampoos basically are beneficial in blocking the build up of the DHT and aids your scalp with the significant nutrients that makes it stay healthy.

Hair Loss Supplements

Hair loss supplements can be exceedingly effective in preventing hair loss. They comprise of vital minerals, vitamins and herbs that work altogether to help your hair grow at its best. There are numerous home remedies as well that can greatly help you with the hair loss. Some of these remedies are extremely easy to apply, whereas others may be a bit complex and a little too messy. You can easily find them over the Web.

Of all treatments related to the balding or hair thinning, most people say that using hair loss supplements to surely work better compared to anything else. But, to make sure a shampoo or supplements work for you, it is imperative to make some changes in your diet plan so you can get the desired results quickly.

Alternative Insomnia Treatments; What Really Works?

Insomnia is an extremely frustrating condition suffered by many people. It can have a huge negative impact on anyone’s life if it is allowed to carry on without some form of treatment, and can lead to further more serious health conditions.

Everyone at some point in their life is going to have nights where they can’t sleep. The occasional sleepless night is not going to do much harm, however night after night of lying awake is going to eventually take its toll and will lead most people to seek help in some way or other. Just what sort of help depends on the type of person you are.

Pay a visit to the GP and you will almost certainly come away with a prescription for some type of medication; ok if you don’t mind the possibility that you could actually become addicted to it in just five days or so. Most people do not want to add to their problems by becoming hooked on a prescribed drug; after all, the intention was to fix the problem not make it worse; far better to look at other ways of treating the problem first.

There are various herbal remedies that work for some so try drinking chamomile tea, taking a herbal supplement containing passionflower, hops or valerian root or perhaps lemon balm. Acupuncture works for some and many have found meditation and relaxation to be helpful. Try one of the meditation sites online to see if it works for you but there is no better way to relax than using a hot tub.

Hot tubs have gained popularity over the last few years as a form of effective insomnia treatment. The warm water and massage jets can be really beneficial, so using a hot tub in the evening before going to bed can create the right conditions to allow sleep to happen naturally. Of course, using a hot tub won’t have any unwanted side effects so you aren’t going to wake up feeling lethargic or hung over. It’s certainly a very pleasant form of treatment and is worth a try.

The Diseases Associated With Asbestos Exposure

Have you been exposed to asbestos for prolonged periods of time in current or previous employments? If so, it’s an unfortunate reality that you could, at some stage in your life, be at risk of developing one of a number of asbestos related diseases including mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer or pleural thickening. It’s through continued exposure that these diseases are caused, at least in most instances and with the exception of lung cancer which has numerous known causes and, as such, we’ve teamed up with specialist asbestos claim solicitors, Asbestos Advice Helpline, to take a look at these diseases in a little more depth.


Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which affects the mesothelial cells, those which make up the lining which covers the outer surface of many vital organs. When looking at asbestos related diseases, it is pleural mesothelioma that is generally referenced, the form which affects the tissue covering the lungs. Symptoms of mesothelioma include pain in the chest or lower back, shortness of breath, a high temperature, a persistent cough and unexplained weight loss.

It generally takes anywhere between 20 and 60 years for mesothelioma to develop after initial exposure to asbestos and, as such, it is commonly found in older people.


Asbestosis is a chronic lung condition which is caused by exposure to asbestos. When asbestos fibres are repeatedly breathed in, this can often cause scarring of the lungs which can present symptoms including shortness of breath, a persistent cough, wheezing, fatigue and chest pains. Whilst asbestosis is a benign condition, those who are affected by it stand a far greater chance of developing malignant conditions such as mesothelioma or lung cancer and more people with asbestosis die from these conditions than of asbestosis itself.

Asbestos Lung Cancer

Asbestos lung cancer is a rare form of the disease which is caused by exposure to asbestos. As with mesothelioma, it can often take a significant period of time for symptoms of asbestos lung cancer to show and, as such, it is generally the case that the cancer is at a late stage when diagnosed. Symptoms of asbestos related lung cancer include a cough which gets worse and won’t go away, chest pains, trouble breathing and coughing up blood, as well as fatigue and unexplained weight loss.

Pleural Thickening

Again, a benign condition, pleural thickening is a scarring and hardening of the pleura, the protective membrane around the lungs. When asbestos fibres are inhaled, this can cause hardening and scarring of the pleura, making it difficult for the lungs to expand and, as a result, causing breathlessness. Pleural thickening cannot be reversed and may progressively get worse over time.

The above are what are regarded as the four main asbestos related diseases and, should you feel you may have symptoms of one or more of these, we recommend you contact your GP who will be able to advise and, if necessary, send you for testing. Those commonly at risk are those who have previously been involved in industries where asbestos was widely used before it’s ban including plumbers, electricians, laggers, ship makers and other such roles.

21 Year Old Tries to Flee from a Patrol Officer; Ends Up in Hospital after Tragic Accident

Aspen Hill, Marianna Drive saw a tragic accident this past weekend. A twenty year old man was gravely injured after a car accident at the Maryland address after he tried to flee from a police official.

According to reports, a Montgomery County official saw an unoccupied, silver, 2007 Honda Civic parked in a fire lane opposite to the Aspen Hill Beer and Wine Center at 13745 Connecticut Avenue, and went to investigate it. This was around 9 pm in the night. The official followed due to protocol and parked his cruiser behind the suspected vehicle and put on his cruiser’s emergency lights and so on. On inspection, the driver in the Honda Civic was found to be driving on a suspended license.

Driver was driving on suspended license


According to accident attorneys in Maryland, a driver who has had his license suspended is not allowed to be on the road. The County official therefore did the right thing by calling a tow truck to tow away the driver’s car. However, the driver had other plans. When the two trucks arrived at the scene, the driver asked the police officer if he could retrieve his phone from the car.

He used the pretext of grabbing his phone to power up his vehicle and drive away from the scene at a high speed. The officer tried to follow but he lost sight of the vehicle west on Aspen Hill Road. Authorities later found the vehicle lying on its side on Aspen Hill Road, just west of Marianna Drive.

When police officers arrived at the scene of the accident, they found that the driver―21 year old Annal Upadhyaya of Federal Court, Gaithersburg―had been ejected from his seat and was lying unconscious on the sidewalk. Fire and Rescue personnel transported the driver to Suburban Hospital where he is still under care. His condition is considered to be grave. Authorities have notified the 21 year old’s family members and are currently investigating the series of events which led to the tragic accident.

Police still investigating the accident

According to accident attorneys associated with the local County Sherriff’s office, the actual sequence of events leading up to the accident is not known. However, investigators presume that when the police officer who had apprehended Annal near the liquor store lost sight of his car, it was travelling west on Aspen Hill Road at a very high speed. As the car turned west on the curve near Marianna Drive, it began to overturn.

Investigators are not sure as to why the accident happened but it probably was a result of the driver not being able to make the turn at the correct angle. The overturned vehicle then struck a sign pole and a traffic pole on the road before coming to a stop. The vehicle ended up resting on the driver’s side, against an unoccupied, parked vehicle on the north side of Aspen Hill Road. Somewhere along the way, Upadhyaya was ejected from the vehicle and ended up lying on the sidewalk.

Annal Upadhyaya is obviously not the brightest person around.

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