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10 Interesting Facts About Male Shaving [Infographic]

Not many people know this, but men have been shaving since Prehistoric man. Even I couldn’t believe it, as the Neanderthal man is usually shown hairy with full grown beard and big hair.

Discover how shaving has developed over the 1,000s of years from Egyptian time’s right through the Middle Ages until the present day.

So checkout the 10 interesting facts about male shaving through the ages that will simply amaze you.

10 Fascinating Facts About Shaving That Will Amaze You

Buying A New Bike In Brisbane: Things To Consider While Choosing A Company!

There are many bike selling companies in Brisbane and if you get the following services from it, you can choose it;

The expertise in selling bikes:

Bikes have so many types and varieties, some are good for riding on mountains, others work best for roads and some are designed specifically for grass and roads and some are only suitable for racing competitions while others work best for kids of a certain age. Rival Bikes can be one of your choices if you are looking for a company with many years of experience and with every kind of bike you might be needing for your family, may it be your kids or wife including motorized bikes in Brisbane giving a spark to your riding experience.

A range of selection of accessories:

A bike is your asset and like every vehicle, a bike has a number of accessories may it be a pump, or a tool kit or extra tubes in case your tire bursts. Thus if the company from which you want to buy the bike contains all the accessories which you may require in present or future and has a wide range for selection choices and for bike parts, then it is better to go for that company since it is better to shop from the same company every accessory of the bike rather than buying from multiple places

Do they have a workshop?

Bikes require maintenance and you might not always be an expert in fixing your bike if it becomes out of order or if there is any of its part not functioning properly. Therefore it is better to buy from a company which has its own workshop facilities with an expert staff which can not only understand the condition and make of the bike but also provide the best solution possible keeping in view the design and purpose of the bike, as known to the shop owners.

Bike fitting services:

Sometimes it can be really difficult for you to fit your bike according to your needs or to use its kit. Thus if the company from which you are buying the bike can provide you the services for bike fitting, then there is no reason you should be ignoring that company since it is better to get an expert do the job of shaping your bike.

All About Psychosexual Disorders

No doubt, people have become aware of many things. They have actually stepped in to the modern world, living behind all narrow minded thoughts. However, still there are places where topics like sex are not openly discussed, as a result of which a lot of problems go unresolved and people keep on struggling with them throughout their life. One such problem is psychosexual disorder.

Love conflict

It is problem that arises on the bed due to numerous psychological reasons such as anxiety, nervousness, depression, eventually creating a boring, dissatisfactory situation during the sexual intercourse. Both men and women suffer from this problem. In men, it occurs because of reduced sexual desire and delayed ejaculation. While in, it occurs because of improper lubrication, pain during the intercourse or the inability to achieve orgasm.

As sexual intercourse is believed to boost your health, such problems must be diagnosed (PCD pharma company) at the earliest. However, in order to figure out that you actually suffer from this problem rather than blaming your physical well-being, it is important to know about disorders in detail.

So, here we go with some really knowledgeable points about psychosexual disorders that most of the people suffer from. Read on.

Firstly, it is the problem linked with our emotional factors not with our physical senses. It is the problem that originates from the mind.

Usually, these disorders are of three types- sexual dysfunction, sexual perversion and gender identity disorder.

Sexual Dysfunction: This type of disorder is experienced during three prime stages of sexual activity- desire, arousal or orgasm. In the first case, the person has little or no desire for indulging in or imagining sexual activity. In second case, he or she wishes to have sex but cannot attain the desired sexual response due to erectile dysfunction in men and frigidity in women. In the last case, the person has difficulty in experiencing orgasm due to which sexual activity is dissatisfactory for him or her.

Sexual Perversion: In this type, the person experiences sexual excitement only when they indulge in bizarre or extreme sexual acts, such as giving or receiving suffering during the act, watching other people having the intercourse, attraction to a non-living object, and many similar things.

Gender Identity Disorder: This case is when the person feels discontented with their physical gender and identifies the same with the opposite gender. Ultimately, the person wishes to change his or her biological sex and live like the opposite sex.

Usually, embarrassment and misinformation regarding psychosexual disorders prevent people from taking the right treatment. Nowadays, umpteen solutions are available with sex experts across the globe. So, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with the specialist and seek treatment like psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy, which are believed to be quite effective in treating psychosexual disorders.

A lot of information is available online nowadays. Sp spend some time researching the web as well and find the best specialist in your region to ascertain a pleasurable sexual life.

Improve Your Sex Drive With These Amazing Herbs

Problems in the bedroom can put a lot of strain on a couple. As a result, sufferers of a low libido or erectile dysfunction often look for supplements that can help relieve them of their condition.

A low sex drive can be caused by a number of factors, such as stress or depression linked to personal or work circumstances. In some cases, it may be a result of an underlying medical condition, such as an underactive thyroid, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. In any case, it may be worth investigating natural treatments to alleviate the symptoms.

Herbs border on white


Commonly associated with treatment for erectile dysfunction, ginseng is a natural aphrodisiac and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years to improve low sex drive.  It produces nitric oxide, resulting in effects similar to those associated with Viagra, improving blood flow to the penis.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh was originally used as a treatment for muscle pain or arthritis, however it is now sold to combat menopausal symptoms, such as vaginal dryness and night sweats. Due to its feminine market, its effects are akin to those of oestrogen and increase blood flow to the pelvis, which increases arousal and sexual response.


Erectile dysfunction can be caused by vascular insufficiency. Gingko targets this by relaxing the blood vessels and improving circulation, increasing blood flow to the penis.


If your low libido is caused by anxiety or stress, the calming effects of damiana will help relieve you of your symptoms. It increases nerve sensitivity, improving pleasure and stimulation and is often used in Central America as a treatment for impotence.



Vanilla was originally banned by Puritan law, due to its sexually stimulating properties. In fact, the word itself stems from a Latin phrase meaning ‘little vagina’. Adding a hint of vanilla to a homemade dinner can add an aphrodisiacal quality to a romantic evening.

Tribulis Terrestris

Known informally as ‘Horny Goat Weed’, tribulis terrestris is a kidney tonic with both aphrodisiacal and rejuvenating properties. It has been used to combat erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

Muira Puama

In South America, muira puama is described as ‘potency wood’, known for its ability to improve virility and sexual functionality. It can aid relaxation of your body’s nervous system, reducing the effects of stress or anxiety on your libido. It is also a known aphrodisiac, creating an effective combination for improving sex drive.


The body requires amino acids, including arginine, to function effectively and enhance your natural immunity, however arginine has similar effects to ginseng, almost simulating the results of Viagra use. Studies of L-Arginine use showed significant improvement in libido and sexual functionality when taken daily in higher doses.

Exercise patience as you recover, taking the time to reconnect with your partner and aim to solve any emotional problems or stress that could have contributed to your low libido. By sampling these herbs and experiencing the benefits they can have on your body, combined with a healthy diet and workout regimen, it’s likely you’ll see an improvement in your sex drive.