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Know The Common Migraine Triggers To Avoid Them!

The term migraine is no longer a new one to the world. A vast majority of the general population has developed awareness for this excruciating headache type. But, despite this growing awareness, there is still a lack of understanding as to what exactly causes this headache. Still, what has been helpful for the doctors as well as the sufferers is the fact that the migraine triggers are largely recognised. Identifying them helps in avoiding these triggers and thus preventing a migraine attack becomes easy.


What are migraine triggers?

While talking about the triggers of migraine, it must be mentioned what these triggers are all about. The triggers of migraine headaches are external factors that contribute in the occurrence of an attack or accelerate an attack. There are different kinds of these external factors that can trigger your migraine headache, but they are not the same for everyone. However, research studies have shown that in most cases, there are some common triggers that have been instrumental.

Common migraine triggers:

Amongst the common triggers that need special mention are –

  • Hormonal changes:

Research studies have shown that women suffer from migraine way more frequently than men. The reason behind this can be the hormonal changes that women undergo throughout her life. Women report frequent migraine attacks before and during their menstrual cycles. It is the same during their pregnancy as well as post-menopausal stage.

  • Foods:

There are some foods that can trigger a migraine attack in most cases and they include aged cheese, processed and packaged foods like meat, and foods with added flavour enhancers like MSG, sweetener aspartame or any other salty edibles. Here it must also be mentioned that along with eating these foods, what else can trigger your pain is skipping your meals.

  • Drinks and beverages:

Any drink that contains high caffeine content can trigger migraine attacks. In fact, alcohol is one of the most common migraine trigger. Amongst the different kinds of alcohol, wine is the most debilitating one.

  • Certain medicines:

Owing to the hormonal changes, those, who are on regular contraceptives, are more likely to experience migraine attacks. Along with that, certain other medicines such as nitroglycerin and other vasodilators can trigger your migraine attacks or worsen the pain.

  • Physical factors:

Too much of exercise and physical activities can lead to migraine attacks. Even engaging in excessive sexual activity can trigger your pain.

  • Stress:

Not just the physical exhaustion, but excessive mental exhaustion can trigger or accelerate your migraine attacks. Stress at home and anxiety in your professional life are common migraine triggers.

  • Changes in the environment:

Changes in weather and increase in the barometric pressure can be the cause of migraine pain.

  • Change in sleeping pattern:

Just as skipping meal can lead to migraine, change in the sleeping pattern can also lead to migraine headache. In fact, sleeping too much or too less can be equally debilitating.

  • External stimuli:

Sometimes, the triggers of migraine can be bright light, loud sound and strong smell.

Which of the migraine triggers will be instrumental in your case, cannot be predetermined. Hence, a doctor always recommends that you keep a migraine diary to note your triggers down. You can download a migraine diary from this site

Frequently Asked Questions About The Spinal Cord Stimulation

There are still many questions that patients have about the spinal cord stimulation procedure that you can get done to reduce chronic pain. There are many assistances available on the Internet, but sometimes they don’t really answer the questions that we might have. This is why these frequently asked questions are so important. This is because there are many patients that are looking for answers to these questions.


Will the procedure work for anyone?

This is a difficult question to answer. If you are struggling with lower back pain and leg pain, then the procedure might work for you. However, there are no guarantees that the procedure will work on everyone.

This is why it is recommended that you are making an appointment to a doctor that is doing the spinal cord procedure and talk to him about your pain. He will be the one that will be able to tell you if the procedure will work for you or not.

Is the stimulation painful?

The one thing that many patients are wondering about, is if the stimulation in your spinal cord will be painful, every time the pulse is going to your spinal cord.

Most of the times, the stimulation aren’t really painful, but you will get a sensation in your back. The level of sensation that you are going to get depends on the level of stimulation that you are getting in your spinal cord. But, this isn’t a painful stimulation.

Will the spinal cord stimulation reduce other pain as well?

Unfortunately, the spinal cord stimulation is only effective for the lower back and legs. This means that you will not benefit from this procedure if you’re struggling with migraines and neck pain for example.

The procedure is only for the lower back and leg chronic pain. Your doctor will do a thoroughly exam to make sure that you’re qualifying for the spinal cord stimulation, before you are going to be able to get the procedure done, or to get the trial to see if the procedure is going to work for you.

These questions are the questions that most people are struggling with, before they can make the final decision for going for the spinal cord stimulation procedure. With these questions answered, it might be easier to decide if you’re going to do the procedure, or not. There are still many other questions that people might be wondering about, but these were the most common questions about spinal cord stimulation.

What Are The Most Common Sports Injuries In 2015

Trying to live a healthier life, a lot of people decided to start practicing sports. Some people like to do it so much, they start practicing sports regularly and try to improve as much as possible, as fast as possible.

Trying to improve as fast as possible turns out to be a mistake if not done properly, as people end up getting juried – something that could be avoided. Most injuries aren’t too serious, but some of them can force people to stop playing sports for the sake of their own health.


The concussion

A concussion is extremely common and it usually happens because of a strong hit on the head. These are minor brain juries, most of the time. Most concussions might not even result in a loss of consciousness, but they might still result in disorientation, headaches, dizziness and other types of symptoms.

They are most common in contact sports such as soccer, football, boxing, and wrestling. For a concussion to heal completely, it took between a month and two, depending on the person and the severity of the concussion itself.


The real danger with this injury is in it being repeated regularly. Multiple concussions can cause severe damage, including permanent brain damage. Moreover, returning to a sport without healing a concussion is as serious as it gets, as a second one might result in death.

Hip flexor strain

The hip flexor is made out of a few muscles that support the movement of your leg and knee when you move it up. These muscles can get injured whenever they are stretched too far or torn.

There are a lot of ways for this to happen, including having weak muscles, not warming up properly, falling down in a bad position or even just having rough muscles. These are most common in sports with sudden movements and upward movement changes, such as martial arts and soccer.

Symptoms include a lot of pain, swelling and some bruising. Most hip flexor strains can be easily healed at home with some ice and some rest, they aren’t too serious. The only motive to see a doctor is if the pain is simply unbearable or if it doesn’t go away after a long period of time, such as, for example, two weeks.

Groin pull

The groin really helps the legs move, spread apart and pull together. These can be injured in sports that required too much stretching or too much side-to-side movement. Sports like martial arts, soccer and baseball can all easily cause groin pulls.

These injuries usually include minor pain and some bruising but aren’t too serious. They take a time of one to two weeks to heal, and can be taken care of at home with some ice, and a lot of rest. If the pain is too much or if the swelling is too big, a doctor should see the injury.

The biggest problem with groin pulls is that if a person starts practicing sports again without letting the groin pull heal properly, a lot more damage can follow. So much so, some people might damage their groin permanently, simply because they didn’t allow it to rest. The best way to prevent this injury is to stretch properly before and after working out.

In order to find out more about injuries, how to deal with them and how to prevent them, visit Physio and More at We would love to help you stay away from injuries and any type of physical problem.

How To Relieve Neck Pain With Out Any Painkillers

Having to endure neck pain is a really rough thing to have to go through. Throughout the day, we have numerous responsibilities and tasks that need to be taken care of and if we are dealing with neck pain at the same time, they only get harder and harder.


The pain just keeps building up throughout the day

By the end of the day, if we keep dealing with the pain, we’ll be exhausted simply by trying to hold on to those brief moments where the pain doesn’t seem to bother us that much. In this article, we’re taking a look at a few simple ways to relieve neck pain without using any painkillers that you can do at home or at work:

Slowly exercise the neck muscles

Sometimes the neck might be hurting because the muscles are sore. This might happen due to a wide variety of reasons and, luckily, it isn’t too hard to take care of it. When you’re in pain, just try to slowly rotate your neck in a circular motion, while attempting to stretch every possible muscle around it – slowly.

It might be pretty painful at first, but it will show some results in no time. If the circular motion isn’t doing anything to help you out, try moving the neck back and forward, or any other type of movement that will get those muscles stretching.

Take a shower and relax

Stress might be affecting you, and the best thing you can do about it is to take a shower, relax your muscles and let yourself rest. Try to simulate one of those incredibly relaxing showers you see in the movies, and move your neck as little as possible during and after the shower.



After the sure, apply a heating pad to the neck and lay down for a little bit. The heat is going to improve circulation, which will relieve the pain.

Get a massage

If you feel like you need to relieve your neck from built up tension that might be causing the pain, take a look at the spas around your area and try to find the one with the best massage services. Go in, get a massage and really let yourself relax. If possible, explain the situation the spa so they’ll be able to help you out with a specialized type of massage.

Alternatively, you can try hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is essentially a type of massage that involves water, but that can be done at home by yourself, if you want to save the money you would pay the spa. All you need to do is target your neck in the shower with warm water for about five minutes and then use cold water on it for about a minute. Relieve a few times until the pain goes away or soothes.

Take a walk

If all else fails, don’t just sit and wait for the pain to go away. If possible, go for a walk, a swim or practice yoga. These types of exercises are going to help you improve your posture and stretch the muscles in your neck, which will help relieve the pain.

On top of that, they’ll help your blood circulation, which will ease the pain. In order to continue reducing the pain, avoid physical and emotional stress at all costs. While the results might not be seen immediately, you will in time see that the pain goes away and never comes back.

If you would like to more about natural ways to relieve your pain, visit Physio and More at If you have any questions, make you give us a call!

Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Harley Street – Surgical And Non-Surgical Procedures

How you look on the outside often influences how you feel on the inside, and for those looking to improve their appearance there are a range of procedures available from experienced aesthetic medicine clinics. Unsightly scars, wrinkles, moles, liver spots, cellulite, excess fatty tissue, skin discolouration and spider veins can all cause problems for people from all walks of life but the surgical and non-surgical options available at our aesthetic medicine clinic in Harley Street make it easy to wave goodbye to these issues.

Surgical treatment options

There are a variety of surgical treatment options available for individuals looking to enhance their appearance. Many of the procedures are classed as plastic surgery, with liposuction, facelifts and breast enlargements or reductions a steadfast part of our service. As a private clinic specialising in aesthetic medicine, at Kuer Clinics we have a long list of treatments available, each of which unlocks their own benefits for patients.

Want to go down the non-surgical route?

Improving your appearance doesn’t always mean ‘going under the knife’, a variety of non-surgical, elective procedures can be accessed to ensure a non-invasive solution can be found. From radio frequency skin tightening and chemical peels to non-surgical liposuction, you can find everything you need by visiting an aesthetic medicine clinic.

Find the right clinic for you

Selecting the right clinic to administer aesthetic medicine can make all the difference not just to the result but to your experience. There are a selection of private services available but Harley Street offers the crème de la crème of practices.

Whether you wish to undergo a surgical or non-surgical procedure, our doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are here to help you make the right choices. We provide full consultation and assessment before every procedure with high quality aftercare also available as standard.

How Much is Back Pain Related Injuries Effecting Our Economy And Business?

In UK alone it is estimated that at least eight out of 10 adults have or will experience some form of back pain. That is more than half the people that work in this county and at one point in their lives they could be greatly impacted by the effects of back pain. The economic reality is that this epidemic will affect businesses as well as individuals.

The question is how much are back pain related injuries effecting our economy and business?

Back pain is a common, episodic, and often recurrent epidemic that is general self-limiting. The downfall is absence from work, loss in income, loss in productivity, and economic downturn.

Chronic conditions usually mean that an employee will be out of work more than 12 week or back pain reoccurs throughout the year causing the sufferer to be out of work less than six months throughout the entire year.

Doctors recommend 7 days off work for back pain sufferers

Most people will stay out of work less than seven days as doctors advise that it is bet to remain mobile during an episode. About 15% of people will stay out longer than one month due to back pain.

There have been many studies on the subject and the results have been astounding. The National Institute of Health (NIH) published a study in 2011 related to this very topic. The research concluded that in 2008 more than 100 million adults suffered from various types of chronic pain and a good portion of those sufferers pain was related to back pain.

Studies conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center show that over 13 million people see a doctor due to chronic back pain each year. Chronic back pain not only affects the sufferer’s ability to earn money but the cost for doctor’s visits and other treated related issues.

Another study by Duke University in 2004, concluded that the economic impact of back pain was so enormous that it should be used to help law makers in United States revaluate policies and allocate resource in health care.

The cost rack up like this:

  • Total incremental health care cost ranges from $261 to 300 billion.
  • Loss of productivity range from £11.6 to £12.7 billion plus lower wages range from £190.6 to £226.3 billon.
  • The number of hours chronic back pain sufferers are unable to work range from £95.2 to £96.5 billion.

All of this equates to a total of £560 to £635 billion as the financial cost for pain in our society. This cost includes estimated health care cost and productivity estimates.

The worst fact yet is that studies show that pain starts a vicious cycle that directly affects overall health. The natural response when you have pain is to not use the part of the body that hurts. In turn the inactivity can cause other portions of the body to become affected. Making one of the hidden cost of pain overall health. Overall having health problems is one of the highest cost factors when dealing with pain in general.

For more advice on back pain at work click here

Proper Lifting Technique

Lifting heavy objects can hurt you if you are not lifting properly. During work, you have to practice a proper lifting technique to avoid disc compression, which could harm you. With the following steps, you can improve your lifting technique and you can reduce the risk of injury on the job. Doing so is the smartest way to improve your productivity and reduce the risk of bodily harm. It is easy, but it may take some time to perfect to the point that you are doing it without difficulty. Once you are accustomed to the lifting, you can manage it without overthinking or worrying.

Start with a good stance. Put your feet shoulder width apart before attempting to lift. This will help you to have a stronger position when lifting the object. Without a good position, you may harm yourself or you may lose balance.

Once you start bending down, only bend the knees and hips. This will put the weight there rather than your back, which can easily become hurt if you put too much pressure on it. When you get back up, keep your body straight. Again, you do not want to put any pressure on the back. Slouching will and it is a bad idea.

Keep the object close to you and secure as you move. The object should remain level, just above your hips, and should not move much. As you walk, try to avoid moving the box too much, even if it is for comfort. To avoid injury, you want the box to remain level for the entire time.

Move carefully, as well. Sudden movements or putting your back into the movements may injure you. Use only your feet and your hips, not your back. This follows the same logic as above. If you put your back into it, there is a higher chance of back injury. You want to lift and carry with only your legs. Putting the pressure elsewhere is likely to cause pain.

After getting to your destination, put the object down carefully. Do it the same way that you lifted it, with your knees and hips. Carefully bend down and then lay the box down. Do not bend down your back with it.

Following these steps will help you to stay safe when lifting heavy objects at work. This is all part of the proper lifting technique that can reduce the risk of injury on the job.

This article was courtesty of Chiropractor Jasper Hulscher visit his website

Memory Foam Seat Cushion or Best – Some of The Greatest Benefits You Can Enjoy!

Seat cushions are useful in providing your back the much needed and anticipated support while you are sitting. As most of us are not actually aware of it, the sustenance that is received from the seat cushion takes away too much of load from out tailbones. Consequently, we tend to have less back pain and that imparts a considerable positive boost on the spinal and overall health in the longer run.

Among the different seat cushions that are utilized today, the memory foam seat cushions tend to be the most popular ones. Such cushions are popular just because they are both practical and comfortable. Moreover, they are quite affordable and long-lasting as well. The greatest benefits of having memory foam seat cushions are:

  • Support – The memory foam seat cushions are useful in giving your tailbone and the back the needed support. Consequently, you can sit for longer hours than the usual. As a matter of fact, if your job comprise of sitting for long hours then having one such cushion would be of great help. All those people who find it tough to sit for long hours tend to be able to easily sit for long hours using a memory foam cushion.
  • Comfort – The Memory foam cushions are incredibly comfortable to have, which is quite easy to guess. The best aspect is that the comfort level of these cushion aids the tailbone to remain in a great health for a longer. Continuous sitting for long hours on a daily basis exposes the tailbone and spine to possible health hazards, and the comfort that these memory foam cushions provide appease much of the risk.
  • Mobility – They cushion are quite tiny in size, which helps you to carry them along to numerous places like your office or your car with ease.
  • Longevity – As these cushions are made up of memory foam, they last very long, allowing you to enjoy a healthy life.

Available in pretty affordable price range and numerous benefits memory foam cushions are good in terms of both comfort and health, and eventually have become extremely popular among all those people who suffer from several kinds of back pain or you want to completely eliminate it?

Such kinds of cushions have found their way into several other applications too, as you will find them being utilized in the home, as the car lumbar support cushions, or simply in any other situation where there is prolonged sitting activity. Some people keep transporting their cushions along to make sure that they get the same amount of support wherever they happen to be sitting.

Thus, if you are considering to improve your sitting comfort while you are in office, or at any other place, especially when suffering from discomfort or back pain, use these memory foam cushions to help relieve your back pain and all sorts of discomforts right away. It is both stylish and useful, so what are you waiting for?

A Complete Review of Breast Actives

Breasts are an extremely sensitive topic for women as almost all women are quite insecure when it comes to their breasts. From the size of their breasts to the shape of their breasts and from the symmetry of their breasts to the firmness of their breasts, there is nothing about their breasts that women don’t worry about. What women worry the most about, however, is how large their breasts are. It has been determined that the world likes, prefers and appreciates large breasts, which is the reason why most women want to have breasts that are fairly large in size.

However, most women are not endowed with large breasts by birth, which is why they turn to drugs, medications and procedures that can help them achieve bigger breasts. Breast Actives is one of the many medication programs that have been designed as breast enlargement programs. A complete Breast Actives review is the one thing that can help a person actually learn everything there is to learn regarding the breast enlargement program. The Breast Actives program consists of two components – Breast Actives pills and Beast Actives cream, both of which are completely natural. When used alongside one another, the components of the Breast Actives breast enhancement program claim to help women enlarge their breasts by one to two cup sizes, and they have proven to be able to do so.

What women, and almost any person, worry about the most when taking any kind of medication is any side effects that the respective medication might have. Well, the Breast Actives program has been created using ingredients that are nothing but natural, which is the reason why the breast enlargement program does not have any side effects whatsoever.

Breast Actives is one of the most extremely effective breast enlargement programs in existence and can help women do what it claims to be able to help them do and more. In order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency, a person should use the breast enhancement pills in combination with the breast enhancement cream that make up the program.

There are many, many breast enlargement programs in existence, but none of them even come close to the Breast Actives program. Not only is the Breast Actives breast enhancement program capable of helping a woman grow her breasts by inducing the effects women typically experience during puberty but is also capable of helping a women’s breasts become more smooth, firm and shapely. In addition, Breast Actives is also nowhere near as expensive as most other breast enlargement programs.