Top Surprising Health Benefits Of Turmeric [infographic]

Turmeric has a number of health benefits that modern medicine is starting to recognize. It is rightfully named the queen of spices and is very common in South Asian cuisine, especially Indian delicacies. Turmeric is beneficial from cancer treatments to arthritis. This infographic gives an overview of the uses and benefits of Turmeric.


Top surprising health benefits of turmeric


Tailbone Pain In Pregnant Women

Tailbone Pain is a common complaint among pregnant women. Tailbone pain is expected to be experienced from the first trimester of the pregnancy because of the natural body adjustments happening in the body. During the early trimester, the body produces relaxin and estrogen hormones to facilitate space for the baby. Along the way, the tailbone is forced to make its own movements. This leads to the growth of tailbone pain. The pain can prolong on the succeeding trimester because the growing baby needs more space. This further causes pushes against the tailbone, which is just behind the uterus. Some women would even call the entire pregnancy cycle as tailbone pain during pregnancy  because the pain would not just go away. The pain has become a part of pregnancy.

While tailbone pain during pregnancy starting with the first trimester is inevitable, the wish of every pregnant women is to at the very least, lower the degree of pain experienced. If not lower, a pregnant women can only wish that the entire tailbone pain vanish during the pregnancy period. There are different ways to remedy tailbone pain. But as always, to prevent is occurrence.

A common and cost-less solution offered for tailbone pregnancy is exercise. There are less movement but high impact exercises that can prevent the occurrence of tailbone pain. One is regular walking. Walking eliminates the pressure from the tailbone. It also prevents further pressure because walking prevents weight gain which is another contributor of tailbone pain.

Pregnant women who can swim is advised to engaged in the activity. In particular, back swimming is proven to be effective. Back swimming with limited and careful thigh movements relieves back strains and prepares the body for the additional weight from pregnancy. In effect, preventing the occurrence of tailbone pain.

For those who cannot engage in walking and swimming, different gentle stretching exercises are recommended. Examples of safe exercises include torso twisting while sitting, cat pose and stretching and dog stretching position.

Some experts would say that the best solution for tailbone pain is to lessen the stress of the tailbone. Some even suggest engaging in Parental Yoga classes. Pregnant women are also advised to regulate weight gain from eating. The weight of the baby is already burdening to the tailbone and the entire pelvic region. Hence, any additional weight is expected to bring in more stress and pain.

Taking over the counter pain relievers for tailbone pain is also allowed. However, proper consultation and prescription from the doctor is strictly required. Being in a delicate state, extra precaution on intake is highly recommended.

Unfortunately, not all pregnant women can engage in exercise and other physical activities. Women under high risk pregnancy are prevented from having excessive movements. Even without the movement, pregnant women are not free from experiencing tailbone pain. However, some preventive activities are recommended for women in such state.

Maintaining good posture is a common advice. This prevents coccyx pain, another term for tailbone pain. With good posture, the body weight is balanced which prevents other pains.

Having the right sleeping position is advised as well. Pregnant women are expected to sleep on the left side. This position ensure equal distribution of weight and also improves circulation in the placenta.

Tailbone pillow for sitting are also recommended. This will relieve the pressures brought from prolonged sitting.

Having regular bowel movements also relieves the pain. A healthy and fine tuned excretory system prevents further pressure causing pain in the body.

From time to time, regular massage to an knowledgeable physical therapist is also encouraged.

Using heat pads on problem areas is also recommended.

How Osteopathy Can Help You Out Of Pain

Osteopathy is a system of medicine that also involves assessment, diagnosis and management of numerous medical conditions. We know that the structure and functions of the human body are interrelated. So, for a healthy person, the musculoskeletal, neurological, visceral, and circulatory systems must work concurrently to achieve a balance. Osteopathic medicine aims to heal a person’s whole body not just a particular ailment. Patients get a full assessment of their body structure and functions with an aim to heal an illness and maintain good health.


There are a couple of manual techniques that are used for assessment, diagnosis and treatment in osteopathic medicine. It is essential to maintain a good musculoskeletal structure because failure to do so may directly affect delicate organs of the body. Patients are encouraged to exercise more often, adopt good posture and proper nutrition to help prevent disease or aid in recovery from illness. Osteopathy doesn’t just look at the physical wellbeing of an individual, it considers the occupation, family, emotional and cultural beliefs of that individual.

Osteopathic manipulative therapy can be used for treatment of musculoskeletal ailments like postural and sporting injuries or neck and back pain. Functional disorders like menstrual, digestive and breathing problems can be treated with osteopathy. The osteopathic therapy depends on physical manipulation, soft tissue treatment and stretching by a professional whose sense of touch is highly developed. Also, rhythmic mobilising and stretching techniques, short accurate impulses, very gentle and precise application of pressure and joint positioning techniques are necessary to achieve positive results. These techniques help in assessment, evaluation and diagnosis, relieve muscle tension, increase the flexibility of joints, improve the self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms of the body and also enhance blood and optimise nerve supply to tissues.

Primarily, osteopathic physicians use osteopathic manipulative therapy to treat somatic dysfunction in the bones, joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments directly or by manipulating the body in such a way that the musculoskeletal system assumes self-healing. This technique helps reduce pain, minimises the need for pharmaceutical drugs and quickens recovery of the patient. Some osteopathic manipulative therapy techniques are similar to those used by physiotherapists and chiropractors but there are others peculiar to osteopathic medicine. There are several osteopathic manipulative therapy techniques that are commonly used by osteopathic physicians which could be direct or indirect.

Here are some osteopathic manipulative therapy techniques:

Articulatory Treatment System

This involves Springing which could be low, moderate or high amplitude aimed at improving joint functioning.

Soft Tissue Techniques

This includes the stretching of muscles and the connective tissues surrounding the muscles, organs and other body structures. This is often used when starting or concluding treatment.

High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA)

This involves using quick and short pokes through restrictive articulatory barriers. It is commonly known as the cracking or popping technique.

Muscle Energy

This involves the use of post-isometric relaxation to stretch muscles and increase extent of motion. Here, the patient moves to ease the stretched muscle while the physician makes use of an isometric counterforce to resists the movement.

Myofascial Release

This technique can be applied to a wide variety of patients. It involves the stretching of muscles and the connective tissues surrounding the muscles, organs and other body structures.


This involves the steady application pressure to help minimize muscle contraction or relax muscles.

Ligamentous Articulatory Release

Here, the joints and ligaments are positioned in such a way to balance tension until a release is felt.

Strain / Counter strain

This technique is used to relieve tenderness on some parts of the body by holding that part in a position for 90 seconds. This is done until a release is felt.

Chapman’s Reflexes

Visceral dysfunction occur due to tenderness on some body parts. Those points of tenderness are called Chapman’s points. Treatment can be done using muscle energy and myofascial release.

Facilitated Positional Release

This technique involves the placement of the affected patient’s spine at neutral position while segment that require treatment is isolated and placed at ease. Then, the release of muscles, joints, and the connective tissues surrounding the muscles is achieved using compression or traction.

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

It is a system of treatment that utilizes the intrinsic motion of the cranial and neurological system to treat the whole body.

Still Technique

Here, the patient held at position of ease until release, then passively moved through the barrier quickly.

Lymphatic Techniques

This involves the rhythmic, and usually passive movement of patient to increase flow of lymphatic fluid.

Osteopathic healthcare has been used safely and effectively in a growing number of countries around the world, with benefits to patients and a relatively low risk of harm.

10 Interesting Facts About Male Shaving [Infographic]

Not many people know this, but men have been shaving since Prehistoric man. Even I couldn’t believe it, as the Neanderthal man is usually shown hairy with full grown beard and big hair.

Discover how shaving has developed over the 1,000s of years from Egyptian time’s right through the Middle Ages until the present day.

So checkout the 10 interesting facts about male shaving through the ages that will simply amaze you.

10 Fascinating Facts About Shaving That Will Amaze You

Frequently Asked Questions About The Spinal Cord Stimulation

There are still many questions that patients have about the spinal cord stimulation procedure that you can get done to reduce chronic pain. There are many assistances available on the Internet, but sometimes they don’t really answer the questions that we might have. This is why these frequently asked questions are so important. This is because there are many patients that are looking for answers to these questions.


Will the procedure work for anyone?

This is a difficult question to answer. If you are struggling with lower back pain and leg pain, then the procedure might work for you. However, there are no guarantees that the procedure will work on everyone.

This is why it is recommended that you are making an appointment to a doctor that is doing the spinal cord procedure and talk to him about your pain. He will be the one that will be able to tell you if the procedure will work for you or not.

Is the stimulation painful?

The one thing that many patients are wondering about, is if the stimulation in your spinal cord will be painful, every time the pulse is going to your spinal cord.

Most of the times, the stimulation aren’t really painful, but you will get a sensation in your back. The level of sensation that you are going to get depends on the level of stimulation that you are getting in your spinal cord. But, this isn’t a painful stimulation.

Will the spinal cord stimulation reduce other pain as well?

Unfortunately, the spinal cord stimulation is only effective for the lower back and legs. This means that you will not benefit from this procedure if you’re struggling with migraines and neck pain for example.

The procedure is only for the lower back and leg chronic pain. Your doctor will do a thoroughly exam to make sure that you’re qualifying for the spinal cord stimulation, before you are going to be able to get the procedure done, or to get the trial to see if the procedure is going to work for you.

These questions are the questions that most people are struggling with, before they can make the final decision for going for the spinal cord stimulation procedure. With these questions answered, it might be easier to decide if you’re going to do the procedure, or not. There are still many other questions that people might be wondering about, but these were the most common questions about spinal cord stimulation.

How To Keep Away From Runner Injuries

If you play a few outdoor sports, you’d know how important it is to maintain your health, and most importantly, preventing body pains. Most of the outdoor sports require running, except for sports like golf. And you need to take care of runners injuries to stay fit.

Runner Holding Knee

Running is always in the cards in outdoor sports training and sports person should know how to keep away from injuries while running. A slightly wrong step can cause a potential break from sports. What would you do then? How would you stay away from injuries during running? This article compiles tactics proposed by a well-renown physiotherapist North York.

Before you move on to the tips section, you may want to read about that offers the best physiotherapy services in town. Now let’s run!

Wear proper shoes

Ill-fitted shoes put extra stress on your toes and may cause foot bursitis. Same will be the case when you wear shoes that are not made for running. Wrong shoes can simply restrict you to bed for two or three days. So, before you begin to realize staying back on your bed, about the real cause of foot or knee pain, choose the best running shoes and make sure they fit properly.

Warm up before running

Consider leaving your home 10 minutes earlier for running than normal time, and do some warm-up exercises before finally beginning to run. Do some stretches by bending your knees and pulling your toes. Walk for 5 minutes before start running. All of these things will open up blood vessels and prepare your muscles for running.

Avoid running on uneven surface

Most common cause of foot injuries is the surface. If you chose a route with hills and uneven surfaces, you’re more likely to get injured. Running up the hills demand extra pressure on leg joints, groin and waist. On the other hand, running on a flat track will not only put less stress, but you can also increase your running time and distance consistently.

Increase your progress steadily

Don’t be impatient because of your slow progress. And you don’t have to get over-excited about the seldom warmth in the weather. It is understandable that both the things can push you to improve your progress, but that will not only cause unnecessary pain, the risk of injury also increases.

Experts recommend increasing your running time and distance steadily; say 5% to 10% depending upon your record. Be consistent with your progress. Maintain the distance and time for at least a week, before thinking of improving your progress.

Visit North York physiotherapist regularly

You cannot maintain yourself without a proper medical checkup. Often, runners tend to ignore the small pains, but it’s a big risk. The pain may reside in your body and will eventually increase causing an unintended injury.

To Conclude

Never overlook the slightest of troubles in your legs.

  • Your doctor may recommend you a physiotherapist in North York.
  • Besides, getting a massage always helps improve your performance.
  • Your physiotherapist will also recommend fluids to strengthen your joints.

Buying A New Bike In Brisbane: Things To Consider While Choosing A Company!

There are many bike selling companies in Brisbane and if you get the following services from it, you can choose it;

The expertise in selling bikes:

Bikes have so many types and varieties, some are good for riding on mountains, others work best for roads and some are designed specifically for grass and roads and some are only suitable for racing competitions while others work best for kids of a certain age. Rival Bikes can be one of your choices if you are looking for a company with many years of experience and with every kind of bike you might be needing for your family, may it be your kids or wife including motorized bikes in Brisbane giving a spark to your riding experience.

A range of selection of accessories:

A bike is your asset and like every vehicle, a bike has a number of accessories may it be a pump, or a tool kit or extra tubes in case your tire bursts. Thus if the company from which you want to buy the bike contains all the accessories which you may require in present or future and has a wide range for selection choices and for bike parts, then it is better to go for that company since it is better to shop from the same company every accessory of the bike rather than buying from multiple places

Do they have a workshop?

Bikes require maintenance and you might not always be an expert in fixing your bike if it becomes out of order or if there is any of its part not functioning properly. Therefore it is better to buy from a company which has its own workshop facilities with an expert staff which can not only understand the condition and make of the bike but also provide the best solution possible keeping in view the design and purpose of the bike, as known to the shop owners.

Bike fitting services:

Sometimes it can be really difficult for you to fit your bike according to your needs or to use its kit. Thus if the company from which you are buying the bike can provide you the services for bike fitting, then there is no reason you should be ignoring that company since it is better to get an expert do the job of shaping your bike.

Get To Know About Saliva Drug Test

Drug abuse is a common problem prevailing all around the world and where lots of steps are being taken by the government of every state to eradicate the use of drugs, there is still a threat of drug usage everywhere. The use of drugs does not begin as an attempt to get an addict but it is just an act of pleasure.


Which started as a pleasure seeking activity soon turns into a dangerous addiction which become almost impossible to get rid of and that is why people find it hard to leave the drug usage behind and start a new life.

Dangers of Drug Addiction:

Drug addiction is not only dangerous for a single drug using person but also his family members as well. Along with that, the community also gets disturbed because of drug addicts as such persons cannot perform well in business environment and affects the productivity of the organizations because of such addicts.

Therefore it gets highly important to get rid of drug addiction in order to protect the environment, the community and the economy all together. As there are a lot of ways to treat drug addiction like the rehabs and recovery centers, the very first step is the detection of the use of drugs.

Detection of Drug Addiction:

Detection of drugs and drug usage is quite difficult as the addicts are quite skilled at hiding their habit and it is hard to tell whether they have used drugs or not. But there is one way using which you can tell exactly that the person has used drugs even during the first four hours of use (which is impossible using urine testing). I am talking about the saliva drug test.

Although you can detect the usage of drugs using some other ways like the urine testing but that does not give accurate results and even shows the null results in the first four hours. Therefore saliva drug testing is considered more accurate. For more information you can visit this site.


Get to Know about Saliva Drug Test:

Saliva drug testing is the most effective method of detecting drug usage immediately after the use till 4 days of usage. Addicts cannot fake this test so you can know for sure that he have used drugs recently.

No gender and privacy issues involved in the saliva testing plus it gives immediate results. That is why this technique is getting more popular.

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